Tori Kai Shochu (Soju) has been hand crafted by the same Japanese family since 1575 in the traditional way: distilled from locally grown and highly polished rice (dalginjo), fine rice malt (ginjo-koji) and home-made yeast fermented at a low temperature. The resulting sake is single batch distilled in a traditional pot still. The end result is the award winning Tori Kai 48 proof Shochu connoisseurs in Japan and worldwide. It is the gold standard by which all Shochu and Soju is judged.

The label design for the Tori Kai is representative of the Edo Komon, a kimono which may look like a solid color from a distance but, upon closer inspection, has a pattern made by tiny dots which is representative of Tori Kai's subtle complexity of flavors and traditional hand crafted processes.

Enjoy Tori Kai neat, over Ice or as the base spirit for more traditional cocktails.

Chill after opening.

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Please drink responsibly. Tori Kai Shochu 24% Alc./Vol. (46 proof) Imported by Progressive Beverages, Inc. Pasadena California 91103